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Mythology Indians of South America - Ecuador.

The peoples of South America have not created a written language and the main source of knowledge about Native American myths are the records of Europeans from the first conquerors and missionaries to modern ethnographers. For more information, give the painting on the vessel. In the mythology of the Indians of Ecuador absolutely no myths about the creation of the world. In rare cases, the states that were created heaven and earth, or just land. More characteristic of how to create the world as its restructuring, the transition phenomena in the extreme. So in the myths the sky was on the spot of the earth, and then they swapped. The emergence of the modern world is preceded by the story of space catastrophe, which destroyed more than the ancient world. Myths about the crash is the main myths of Indians of Ecuador. Most often refers to a fire or flood, at least - the coming of cold, darkness, the invasion of monsters. During disasters on the people attacked animated objects, stones, maddened animals. Cause of the accident or due to an accident, or depends on the will of supernatural beings. Deities were angry at people for non-moral rules. A special place in the myths of Ecuador took the deity of plants, fire, fresh water. Interesting myths about the origin of death, change of skin, like the immortality of the myths about the origin of celestial bodies.

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